This is not a recipe book, this is a craft book.

And I love it.

Yes, there are drink recipes as well, a whole section dedicated to cocktails, but this may be the best, certainly one of the best, books I have seen that is great both for those in the industry and enthusiasts. This manual, written by Jim Meehan, goes through how to set up a bar, the utensils, how to ice, how to blend, how to make your own simple syrup, to the history of the spirits and how they are made.

I love this book.

This book is a perfect example of the alcohol industry that I enjoy. These aren’t the people drinking just to get drunk, these are the people who care about the craft and character of everything they do. The kind of bartender who would have this on their shelf (and, it should be noted, this book even recommends apps for bartenders to use to look up recipes) is the kind of bartender who I can go up and ask them what they recommend, and not only can they do that, but we have a conversation after that.

Bartenders, if you want to be included in my list of amazing bartenders, learn to do this. Seriously. This is what a professional is able to do.

I think that, even if you don’t like alcohol and have no desire in making or mixing your own, this book can give you a lot of insight as to why there are such a variety of people who are obsessed with the topic, not just those looking to drown their sorrows.

Which, honestly, is something I generally don’t recommend. If you are going to drown sorrows, make sure they aren’t personal. If you are going to forget a bad meeting, okay, just don’t start drinking in a bad state of mind. You may think you are making it better, and maybe you are for you, but I can guarantee you are not hiding what you are going through.

Back on topic. This is a great book to add to any collection and I am currently considering picking it up for Christmas for one of my best friends.


And, because I was given a digital copy for an honest review, I am going to start hunting for a physical copy of this for myself. Really, nothing beats a physical copy when it comes to a book like this.


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