The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories: A Short Story Review

This is a compilation of Sookie Stackhouse (of True Blood fame) short stories.

I am rather certain that none of these stories are new. At least, they all felt like I had read them before. Only one has Eric, which makes me ever so very sad.

But, if you want more Sookie stories, here you go! As I said, I would want an Eric Northman collection.

I will say that the writing style and stories were closer to her older, the original, stories than the last two. I dislike how this series ends, mostly because, again, I am an Eric fan.

Those of you who only watched the TV series, there was at least two more books that went beyond the show. They started to go a little downhill and felt very forced.

I was given a copy of these novel in exchange for an honest review.


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