Life Update!

I know, these are so rare. To the point that it will HAVE NO HASHTAG and the five people who read this go nuts.

Okay, but seriously.

Currently I am working on far too many books, next review should be on the second Witches of East End novel.

Now, do you ever just get annoyed at something. Just, like, the littlest thing.

Alright, I mean a person. But, he is little. Relative to most guys I know. And I really don’t appreciate being poked at. Particularly when I am making an effort to not poke at them. Why do you have to be rude? Why can’t you leave me alone. So, to that end:

What to do when you are feeling attacked/feel like you are being put down.

  1. Realize they might not know what they are doing. I know, this is the hardest, but basically just ignore whatever was said/texted.
  2. Find something positive to do. I am working on a dance club/lesson proposal (which I have no idea what should be on that – HELP).
  3. Think positive thoughts. Think of what is going right, or what you are looking forward to. If you don’t have anything, find something. Maybe you go get a good book. Maybe you decide to go see that movie in the theaters by yourself (its so hard, believe me). There is always something, no matter how down you might be feeling. It will get better.
  4. Get busy. Go work out. Clean. Learn a new skill. Go do something that gets your mind off of what happened.

This isn’t me saying “I’m being bullied”. I am not. I am dealing with realizing that someone you used to like is actually a jerk and the fact that, after some conversations went down, I was a jerk to. I am working on that. Trying to be nice.

And you know what, I have been doing a good job of staying upbeat. And I will stop pointing things out, and avoided doing so in this situation, and yeah.

Maybe help yourself by being, if not kind, at least not mean.

There. Rant over. Should have a book review up tomorrow. We will see if I can get back on track to a book review most days!


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