Ancient creatures came through a portal, vampires and the like, and now they live amongst us and have their own cops to patrol them.

If you are looking to fill a void in that area, read this. If you don’t have that void – honestly – I don’t know if I would recommend this.

This novel is written the way so many are – quick witted characters leaving them with little depth and real personality. Action scenes not always making sense. And lots of sass.

This isn’t the worst book I have read that is written like this, but it isn’t memorable. When I opened up this book to finish it, honestly, I stared and had to go back and do some skimming to remember what happened. Oh yeah, she has a werewolf partner. And then there is that Cole guy. You know, the big love interest.

The problem is that everything felt forced. Nothing was natural, and it felt like someone’s manipulated dream. The action just… I don’t know. A lot of indecision in this review, which describes what reading this was like.

If you want a beach read that will occupy your time, or something to do on the train, this is a decent choice. I just couldn’t get into it.

If you want depth of writing, I recommend you keep going. Urban fantasy fans? If you want to, give this one a shot. You might surprise yourself.


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