Written by Zoe Fishman, Inheriting Edith follows Maggie as she navigates the new life that has been thrust into her hands. A single mom now with a house, money, and the little old lady, Edith, who has the start of Alzheimer’s.

This wasn’t a bad book. But this was like reading a Hallmark movie. Boring, and missing some satisfaction at key points.

But, lets get into that.

The writing was good, flowed smoothing and nothing really jarred me out of reading. But the plot itself… it didn’t really hold me. I was able to easily pick it up and keep reading, but that had little to do with the plot.

The characters are interesting, and as the story progresses the reader learns more about Maggie and Edith, as well as Liza. With that, this story is very real. None of these characters are perfect, which is what Fishman intended, or at least how it reads.

Probably what bothered me so much, that honestly didn’t need to be in this story, was the love interest Sam. I am sorry, but he was so nice and yet the relationship went no where. I felt so bad for him. And I wish he would have tried a lot harder.

A decent read, and if you are debating reading this go for it. I don’t think I will ever read it again, but I am not upset about picking it up. For a book club read, this is a great discussion novel.


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