Sabrina the Netflix Series: Issues So Far

This series has not yet been fully watched. We will get that out of the way right now.

However, with that, this is another series based on a classic comic book, this time Sabrina, which is an offshoot of The Archie comics. The comic is based of a sweet witch who lives with her aunts.

This show is about a girl whose parents died when she was a baby, still alive in the original, who knows she is a witch, doesn’t know until her 16th birthday, and on her 16th birthday has her black sabbath which, SPOILERS, involves signing the book of the beast. That is the book of the devil. As in these witches, other than Sabrina and her aunt Zelda, are not nice witches.

Dark witches is my problem with this show. I would like it if they hadn’t made this a Sabrina re-make. It isn’t the original, and I just don’t like it.


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