Young Sheldon: Post Binge

Did I rent the first season of this show this weekend and then watch it all? Yes, yes I did. And I am glad that I did.

First, I appreciated the representation of Texas in this show, well, east Texas. Second, I enjoy that Meemaw was not the perfect angle grandmother. She has flaws, and a lot of them. I also like that they picked Sheldon at this age. With him being 9 (or is it 6?) he is at an age when a lot of his fears make sense. How he reacts doesn’t always, but he is a kid going to high school who has this amazing ability to learn (I wish he would have started doing music things as well), and knows that he is different.

This is the show that begins to explain who Sheldon is, and I loved it. Highly recommend it to any Big Bang Theory fan.


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