Bad Blood by Debra Doyle and James McDonald

To begin, this will be biased because this is one of my favorite books. It isn’t a literary novel, and rather reeks of 80’s, but I like it. I enjoy that it has an honestly strong female lead. A female that doesn’t over-do being independent, has real emotions, and such believable reactions!

This book is about a girl who becomes a werewolf and has to face the one who turned her. Well written, the pacing in this novel is a good balance between action and story building. This story follows Val and her group of friends after there more terrifying than expected camping trip.

I recommend this book, particularly given the original cover. Go, hunt it down, well worth it.

The sequels, of which there are 2 books and one short story, are interesting and great for a fan. Hunter’s Moon and Judgement Night left me wanting more stories, I often find myself looking for some new novel in the series. I doubt it will ever happen at this point.

This book is good for horror fans, fantasy fans, and, to an extent, mystery fans.

Here is to hoping for another book in the Bad Blood Trilogy.


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