New Ghostbusters; Worth Your Time?

So, before we get to the spoiler stuff:

Should you take some time and watch this? If you are debating, go ahead, it isn’t the worst movie you will see. Also, don’t expect a super-comedy. They did a pretty good job of setting the mood with the opening scene, thank you Zach Woods! Think more of a dramady feel. There is definitely a sense of comedy, but it isn’t the focus.

Second, no, you will not be seeing the same plot line as the original movie. But, you will get a LOT of easter eggs and nods to the original. Again, it’s not the worst way to spend an afternoon, and was very well done.


First, the opening scene was wonderful! Really did a great job of setting the tone. As I already said. One complaint that I have heard from reviewers is the lack of actual Ghostbusting. I don’t think that is a valid complaint. As I said in the forward section of this review, this is a different plot line!

Yes, it is difficult to separate this movie from the original, but as I was watching it I appreciated how different it was. If they had the same plot I would have been so much more disappointed. But the differences is what make this movie acceptable to watch. Not a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s character. Please, can we stop with the dumb blonde jokes?? Please?

The story was interesting, instead of having ghosts already existing a device was used to open the portal to bring them onto our plane. Entertaining show, decently executed, and loved all of the nods to the original.


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