The Firebird: A Book Review

The final (of what is currently published) of Susanna Kearsley's novels, The Firebird novel picks up with characters from The Shadowy Horses and The Winter Sea, modern characters and historic, respectively. For those of you unfamiliar with Kearsley's novels, there are at least two timelines with a bit of a love interest and some kind…Read more The Firebird: A Book Review


The Winter Sea: A Book Review

Firstly, let me start out with I read this book before I read The Shadowy Horses, alright? Okay. Didn't realize I didn't put up a review until right now. So disappointed in myself. MOVING ON... The Winter Sea followed author Carrie as she moves, quite suddenly, to Scotland to write her novel taking place during…Read more The Winter Sea: A Book Review

The Shadowy Horses: A Book Review

Written by Susanna Kearsley, this novel follows Verity as she, and the team she is apart of, attempt to discover a lost legion from Ancient Rome. The Ninth Legion, Legio IX Hispana, disappeared somewhere around 120 AD and historians have no idea what happened to them. Send North from England, the could have gone to…Read more The Shadowy Horses: A Book Review