Firstly, let me start out with I read this book before I read The Shadowy Horses, alright? Okay. Didn’t realize I didn’t put up a review until right now. So disappointed in myself.


The Winter Sea followed author Carrie as she moves, quite suddenly, to Scotland to write her novel taking place during one of the Jacobite rebellions (these were the Scottish who rebelled against the English Crown and backed their king, who was in France).

What makes this novel interesting is the fact that Carrie keeps dreaming and writing her character’s stories that turn out to have actually happened.

Oh. My. This novel.

Written by Susanna Kearsley, this novel once again takes place in Scotland, which seems to be a theme with her novels (not that I am complaining). However, in this novel, we actually get to spend about half the book back in time while the author discovers the mysteries of the past.

And of course there is a handsome man involved. Or two.

This is a sweet novel that is well told, with strong characters, interesting twists, and overall just enjoyable to read.

I honestly recommend this novel to everyone. I found it through my local book club, and I am honestly struggling not to go buy copies for every one of my friends. And a copy for myself.

I think I may be going on a binge of Kearsley’s novels… and I am not upset about that.


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