Adrian Tchaikovsky has written a masterpiece. This book follows Maniye as she becomes an adult and runs away from the only home she has known that has never accepted her. We join Maniye as she goes on an adventure of a lifetime.

This fantasy takes us into a world of shifters, gods, and sacrifice. I absolutely adored this book! Now,  I did predict a bit of the ending. But, this is a story that is truly about the trip and not the destination. With a variety of characters, all of whom have actual depth, there is likely a character here for everyone.

Now, some of the characters are very two-dimensional, but that is intentional.

The daughter of a Wolf and a Tiger, both powerful, this book also reflects on the variety of animals in nature and the variety of cultures that can co-exist at the same time without ever truly interacting. It shows, so clearly, how humanity is self-centered and all that comes with that.

Also, let’s take a moment to point out this cover. It is beautiful! If not for the cover, I may have never looked at this book. I picked it up and revered it. I can’t wait to read more from this author, and may have just found another collection of books I will have! (And, yes, this is the paperback cover and it is foil, or at least foil like!)


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