Tess of the Road, written by Rachel Hartman, is set in the world of Seraphina, a book that I haven’t read. In this world there are Dragons, that can become human and are considered saints, quitqul (I KNOW I SPELLED THAT WRONG, I ALREADY RETURNED THE BOOK), and Tess doesn’t conform to any of the rules.

Down to the book.

  1. This novel is so well written. The smooth transitions between the road and her memories is lovely, and I really enjoy how Tess’ story is revealed and her character grows.
  2. Tess as an amazing character and the perfect example of imperfection and questioning life as we know it.
  3. I wanted some romance. There is no romance.
  4. Lots of adventure. Lots. Exploration and giant serpents, and just, so much.

That being said, I really did want some kind of romance. (Alright, I may be on a bit of a kick, sue me.) Admittedly, I wanted this to be a stand alone novel. When I got to the end, it could have been an end. It isn’t, because this is just the start of a series, but it could have been. And it left me feeling… unsatisfied.

Reading this book before Seraphina  left me not wanting to read Seraphina. She, Seaphina, comes off as just rather flat. Which is likely the point. I also don’t know if I want to read the complicated story with her and the prince. I just…. I don’t know.

We will see.

If you like adventure and fantasy, this will likely be a good book (series) for you to try out. Go ahead.

If you want romance… keep trying.


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