Written by Susanna Kearsley, this novel follows Emily as she attempts to enjoy her vacation to Chinon despite the fact that her cousin Harry never showed up to get her at the airport. It isn’t the first time he has done that.

But as the week continues, with Neal and Armand both trying to woo her, Emily becomes wary of Chinon and its old ghosts.

I am absolutely smitten with Kearsley’s writing.

The novel definitely fed my new obsession.

So far every story that Kearsley writes is different, but it is so refreshing to know that there will be some kind of satisfying happy ending with every book. And I found it fun trying to figure out which man she would end up actually being with. The addition of the murder and mystery to this one really gave this story its edge and kept everything mysterious.

For the characters:

Emily was a solid base who was made interesting because of her experiences. I really enjoyed her ever-so-light flirting and how little things had meaning.

Armand, Armand. I kept wondering what would happen with him. His character was interesting, and I enjoyed every twist with him.

Neil was my favorite from the start. Okay, okay, I just have a weakness for tall and blue eyes.

This novel did continue the trend of having women fall in love with men who are 8+ years older than them. Which I don’t have a problem with. Just an interesting thing to point out. A lot of my favorite novels follow this trend.

Again, mystery, romance, friendship, exotic locals, I highly recommend this novel to anyone. This had historical elements to it, but didn’t take place in the past.








I think this might be far enough.


I LOVE NEIL. Loved him from the moment he was first described. Would really like my own Neil. Or just him as he is. Because he is so reserved, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Emily suspected him for the murder. But, as she saved herself, he was there and ready to save her. That, gentlemen, is how you do it.

Admittedly, it is a little odd that at the end, after they FINALLY kissed, he just assumed that she would come back with him. But he was right, she would go with him. Not because he is “established” or any of that – but she was living a shallow life to avoid getting hurt and was literally there just to… be somewhere.

Armand I didn’t think would be the one from the beginning. I wondered, because sometimes the first person the character sees is THE one (see this), but then in the other one (this one), it was the second man. No. Wait. That one was also the first person she saw. Good, this one broke the trend.

And the supporting characters were great. The brothers played a big role, but these supporting characters had depth without being in the novel a lot.

Gosh, I just love her writing.

So far.


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