Written by Chloe Neill, Wild Hunger is the first in the Heir of Chicagoland series, which is the sequel series to Vampires of Chicago which, surprise surprise, I have not read. But I will now be reading to try and understand what is going on. And because it features werewolves in it. This novel follows Eliza Sullivan, the only born vampire in existence, who has something a little more than just never being human going on with her. Eliza is going home to Chicago after being away in Paris for 4 years for college and Vampire training. She is currently paying back her time by spending a year as a guard. Being home she gets to meet the smokin’ (… I don’t know if there is a better way to put that, but it is appropriate) shifter and heir apparent Connor, whom she has known all her life. But, the vampire summit doesn’t go as planned and crazy ensues.

The writing in here isn’t… it isn’t the best. It is a quick urban fantasy read, but it has a werewolf in Connor. And it was very obvious what was going to happen as we met all of the players. But, I’ll read the next book when it comes out, if only to be able to say that I did and see what happens to Connor.

Need some vampires in your life? Need some werewolves? Want some urban fantasy that DOESN’T have sex in it? Give this a try. It will scratch that itch for a little while.


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